The Gates

The Silver Gate ~ Book 1 in The Gates Series

Nora Havard is counting down the days of her senior year till she can leave her small Californian town of Ferndale. Since childhood, she has been plagued with feelings of unexplained dread that only ease when she is away from home. Her shrink diagnosed her with panic attacks and mild depression, but the pills and psychobabble did nothing to ease her symptoms. Figuring out her own solution, she led a normal and purposefully boring life, till she realized her only option was to leave.

Everything is planned, till a dead body, flashing green eyes, and a new family in town trigger a chain of events that will forever change her, mentally and physically. She is now faced with a new path to a secret world of magic, gods, mythical creatures and ancient power struggles that began when the world was young. To save the lives of those she loves, she must learn who and what she is, her role in this new world, who she can trust, and the secrets of the gate she may have to cross.