When I first started writing, I knew I wanted to find a real place and let the story be influenced by the location. I wanted a small town with varied terrain, including lush greenery, forests, beach and rugged cliffs. I never imagined I would find a place that contained all of the elements of the scenery I wished to include in one place. Thank you Google maps. You saved me a ton in airfare and research.

Ferndale is a real town located in northern California, in Humboldt county. It lies just north of the Lost Coast, south of Eureka and west of Fortuna. The small town is northwest of the Humboldt Redwood Forest and can be accessed from Hwy 101. For more information on the Lost Coast visit Wikipedia or King Range National Conservation Area.

Known for its well-preserved Victorian buildings, which are also known as “Butterfat Palaces” due to their construction during an epoch wherein considerable wealth was generated in the dairy industry, especially during the 1880s. The entire town is an historical landmark (see California Historical Landmark No. 883). The city’s population was 1,371 at the 2010 census. (Thank you Wikipedia)

The slide show below contains a few pictures of Ferndale and the surrounding area. Many of these places are included in the book.

(These are not my own photos – these are collected from the web and belong to the original owners.)

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