About This Site

~ Will you share this experience with me?

I’ve started this site because honestly, I am supposed to. These days, writers must be like a triple threat actor. Instead of singing, dancing, and acting, I must be a talented storyteller, my own PR & marketing firm, and a lively character that will make you want to read my work.

My ultimate goal is to have my fiction writing see the light of day (or night) in a freshly bound book, in a stranger’s hands. Even better if they paid for it! My goal with this blog is to introduce people to myself, my writing, and my journey in this process.

I’ll do my best to update this blog as I go, but I have a day-job, two young kids, a husband and family that keep me insanely busy. I love all of my blessings, I just wish I had a couple more hours in the day to focus on my other love. My craft.  keep you up to date through my process, drafts, friends first takes, editing, submitting to publishing houses, inevitable rejections or non-responses,

Stick around and hopefully, we can experience this journey together.

Kimberly Hayle

One Response to About This Site

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    Thank you!


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