Making (not finding) the time to do what you love.

I had the best of intentions to write this past weekend. I had three full days to get some words down on paper. Did I? No. Why? Because I let life get in the way.

I always want to write, even when I don’t know what I’m going to say. If I simply place myself at the keyboard and start typing – something – anything – in time, the right words will come out. Don’t get me wrong, this feeling of not knowing creates an emotional hurdle that I have to jump too, but if I sit long enough I find that I can jump quite high. Other days, I either don’t HAVE the time or I don’t MAKE the time and I find it’s importance to recognize the difference.

Monday through Thursday I work a 9-5 job, so often, I may not have time or energy to write – chores or plans with family, friends or husband interfere. I sometimes squeeze in a few hours at night, but if I don’t have 2-3 hours to sit down, look back over the last section I was writing, glance through my notes and then move forward, I won’t sit down at all. Can you say writer’s FAIL?

Friday through Sunday is a different story. I have options, many options, too many options. Sleep, more chores, errands, walking the dog, dinners – the options are all there, standing in line at my front door. Most weekends, I want to lock the deadbolt and nest in front of my computer, but instead I must balance that time with real life obligations.

This past weekend, I allowed real life won over. Part was fun and the other part dutiful, but in the end I’m left with the guilt of knowing I didn’t make time to put one new word of my story on paper. However, I did work on this website, so that has to count for something, right???

Today, instead of feeling guilty, I will remind myself that I made my choices and that I must plan better next time. That when I have the free time, grab it and accomplish whatever I can.

I also chose to not work by personal deadlines. This might be something I reconsider in the future, especially as my time commitments get tighter (I don’t even have kids yet!). I don’t like to structure creativity, but I also know that I am bit of a procrastinator (just a bit? OK, a BIG one!) but still, I must find the balance between the two since I am deciding to make writing more than just a past time or hobby.

How about you – how do you fit writing into your schedule? Let me know with the poll below.

*QUICK UPDATE* I realized (after my husband read this post) that even though I was a writer fail this weekend I was a wife success! 🙂 I told you about my procrastination issues. Well, I finally did my spring cleaning (yes, I know it’s summer) and attacked my house. It was very fulfilling and very much needed, but took most of my day Sunday and I was pooped afterward. I was a friend success on Saturday – hung out with my old roommate and bestie all day, which I hadn’t done in months, so that was fun too. Again, It’s all about balance, making time for everything you love and not feeling too guilty when you don’t.

About Kimberly

Writer, wife, mother of two very feisty little girls, lover of fiction (especially urban fantasy, snort out loud comedy & smutty romance). First novel in progress...put on hold to have children and back at it again.
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