Blank Pages ~ Your worst enemy.

~ Blank Pages

A blank page can be a writer’s worst nightmare. If you aren’t inspired, the skinny blinking black cursor can be the weapon of your greatest enemy – the blank page. Personally, I love blank pages in the writing process – whether it be personal or professional. It always feels like a fresh start, a new day!

Hence the reason for this post. No blank pages here. I want to write more here and fill you in on what I have been up to – where I am, but real life calls and I must answer to the responsibilities that are currently paying the bills. I only have two jobs this year. I work at a corporate office and I am an event planner. I’m no longer taking on new events, but still need to wrap up several weddings for 2010. I only work at my office Monday – Thursday, but I have a wedding to run tomorrow. At least it’s a long weekend so that means I should get some writing done.

Categories I tend to address are: Editing, Inspiration, Story Progress, Publishing, Writing Tools, Roadblocks and anything else that the writing life puts you through.

I’ll update soon ~


About Kimberly

Writer, wife, mother of two very feisty little girls, lover of fiction (especially urban fantasy, snort out loud comedy & smutty romance). First novel in progress...put on hold to have children and back at it again.
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