Home Sweet Home

If you love fiction, writing, editing, the creative process, and the amount of drinking that sometimes needs to happen to make it all possible, then some random social media site lead you to the right place.

The following pages are yours to explore – snoop, judge, tweet – have at it! They follow my journey of writing my first novel, the torturous editing process, then hopefully some form of publishing.

Along the way you will hear the old grandfather clock that makes me tick, the muse that I can’t shut up, how words magically appear on the page (I swear it’s an out of body experience sometimes), and actual details about my story – synopsis, character details, and the real life town my story is set in (thank you Google earth!)

Thanks for stumbling in and happy reading!

(The Retreat – My dad painted the image to the left. He happened to send it as I was writing a key scene ~ one of Nora’s dreams ~ and it inspired me to include it in the book, with a magical twist, of course. The original of this painting is now hanging in my office. Thanks dad!)